Solo Star Juicer II

The Solostar juicer from Tribest has undergone a revamp and is now available in the form of the Solostar II.

New improved Solostar 2 juicerThe Solostar II juicer uses a single-auger to crush and press the juice out of your produce. The Solostar II's auger and juicing process have been redesigned to give a more efficient and higher quality juicing machine that results in an improved juice yield.

The new Solostar single auger is larger than that of other single auger juicers which means that it has contact with the produce for a longer time giving a higher rate of juice extraction.

The Solostar II uses a dual-stage juicing process which results in more juice extraction than previously. The first stage is the process of the single auger crushing the produce, the juice is then filtered out before it can be reabsorbed into the pulp. The second stage then compresses the pulp that remains, in effect squeezing out more juice through a generously sized screen (which lets the juice through whilst holding the pulp back).

The Solostar II operates at a low speed (80 RPM) and so little oxygen is introduced into the juice and the juice is not heated. This lack of heat and oxygen introduced into the juice is important as both of these factors can have a detrimental effect on the nutritional content of the juice.

Single Auger The Solostar II is suitable for juicing a wide variety of produce including vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, pine needles and fruits. As well as juicing, the Solostar can perform other kitchen tasks such as helping make pates, nut butters, pasta, sorbets and homogenised products.This is ideal if you are like to eat healthy or are on a raw food diet and want to add variety to the tastes / textures that your diet contains whilst retaining full control over the ingredients and preparation methods that go into making your food. You can also use the Solostar as an electronic grinding mill which to make quick and effortless work of grinding your favourite spices.

The Solostar II juicer comes with a 5 year limited warranty.