Your Green Smoothies are nasty. Make better ones now!

Have you been put off green smoothies due to them not being to your taste? Here are some must know tips for improving the taste, texture, aroma and visual appeal of your green smoothies.

Add flavour neutralisers

Squeezing lemon juice into your blender for a less bitter drink

Certain green produce can have a bitter taste. The solution is to add lemon juice or lime juice. These juices can help reduce the bitterness and Lemon juice is especially effective at removing the ‘green’ taste from the drink. The result is a refreshing, clean tasting drink.

You may need a bit of trial and error here as everyones palate is different. Squeeze in the juice of another half lemon/lime and experiment until you get the ratio to a flavour you like.

Use fruits that are high in soluble fibre

Did you know there are two types of fibre? Soluble fibre and insoluble fibre. Whilst greens contain insoluble fibre you also need some soluble fibre to help your smoothie have a creamy, smooth texture. If you don't use ingredients that have soluble fibre in them then your smoothie will:

  • Seperate out quickly leaving a watery portion and a solid portion.
  • Have a large foamy layer which will have a strong cholorophyll taste.
  • Be more chunky making it less of a drink and more of a chewable cold soup

The good news is that many of the fruits used to make popular fruit smoothies are high in soluble fibre. If you think about it this makes sense as they help give the smoothies their creamy smooth texture. Examples of fruit high in soluble fibre include:

  • Bananas
  • Strawberries and other summer berries
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Avocados

Choose your greens to suit your palate

Experiment with different greens, some have milder tastes than others. Sweeter greens tend to include lettuces such as Romaine and baby Spinach. Medium bitterness include Kale and Collard and greens that are more bitter include Mustard greens, Dandelion and Rocket.

Vary the fruits / greens ratio

If the flavour of the greens is too intense then increase the ration of fruit to greens. This one especially relevant if you are introducing kids to green smoothies as their tastebuds prefer sweeter flavours than adults do. Start off with a higher fruit ratio and gradually increase the green ratio over time.

Add produce with strong flavours

Again this tip will depend on your personal tastes but adding small amounts of produce with strong flavours can really impact on the taste. Try experimenting with:

  • Ginger - a small piece of root ginger can further heighten the freshness and the zinginess of your drink
  • Mint - a favourite culinary herb can do wonders giving a wonderfully fragrant lift. Also has the added bonus that it is another leafy green!
  • Garlic - a natual antibiotic. Start with very small amounts (1/2 clove) and increase if required to your taste. Best to put through a garlic press rather than adding the whole clove so you don't get an unexpected chunk when drinking up.

Remove the tougher parts of the fruit

When juicing fruits we tend to juice everything because all the tougher parts of the fruit such as the apple core, seeds, stalks etc. are seperated from the juice and therefore don't make it into the drink.

With smoothies it is a different kettle of fish as the non soluble fibre is retained in the drink. Therefore if you can remove the tougher parts of the fruit such as the core and the stalk before you put it in the blender there will be fewer 'chewy' bits in your drink.

Make sure to blend the ingredients thoroughly

A Vitamix can improve the texture of your smoothie

You don't want lumpy, chewy bits in your smoothie and so make sure to blend until smooth. This is where a high quality (unfortunately more expensive) blender such as a Vitamix or a Blendtec will prove itself both in blending thoroughness and speed.

Go give it a go

Following the above tips you can produce winning Green Smoothies that have great taste, texture, aroma and visual appeal.

Happy Blending!