Royal Jelly - one of nature's super foods

For decades Royal Jelly has been widely used as an addition to mans diet acting as a natural 'health supplement'. Royal Jelly is an entirely natural substance that is created by bees that is packed full of nutritional bounty.

The worker bees produce Royal Jelly and it is used to feed the queen bee (hence its name). The bee larvae are also fed on Royal Jelly for the first 3 days of their life to ensure that they obtain the nutrients required for a good start in life. After that the worker bees feed on other substances they create such as Bee Pollen, Propolis and honey.

The queen bee is born from the same eggs as other 'normal' worker bees and it is only the fact that she is fed a diet of exclusively Royal Jelly that makes her growth, longevity and reproductive capabilities different from the other worker bees. The apparent benefits of Royal Jelly for the queen bee are considerable. She lives for around 4 years compared to worker bees who only live for 50 days. She will grow to a size around 50% bigger than normal worker bees and will weigh around 60-70% more than a worker bee. The queen bees reproductive capabilities are also exceptional, she can produce thousands of eggs in a day.

In its natural form Royal Jelly appears as a milky type substance. Modern preserving techniques now mean that Royal Jelly is also available in dehydrated form and so is available as Royal Jelly powder, capsules as well as its natural fresh Royal Jelly form. Royal Jelly can easily be incorporated into your juicing recipes and power drinks.

Health benefits of Royal Jelly

People who intake Royal Jelly commonly express the opinion that it helps slow down the ageing process, improves a persons vitality and energy levels, improves the condition of the skin and improves the strength and condition of the hair and nails. It has also been used for helping control cholesterol levels and to improve sexual vitality.

The range of nutritional content in Royal Jelly is impressive. It includes Vitamins: A, C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. It is also a good source of Folic acid.

It is around 12% protein and has all 8 of the essential amino acids that the body cannot manufacture, but needs to be supplied with. These amino acids are essential for growth and repair of our cells and tissues and are thought to be of great importance in helping combat 'free radicals' in the body.

It also has a good balance of lipids and carbohydrates as well as aspartic acid which is used in growth and repair of cells and tissues.

Royal Jelly also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Some people with allergies can react to Royal Jelly so consult your health professional before consuming Royal Jelly.