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Review of Twin Health Juicer

Rating: 1 out of 5

Added by Sally Heron from Australia on 3/15/2008

I bought my Twin Health juicer about three years ago and until recently have been thrilled with its performance. About a year ago I noticed hairline cracks appearing in various areas of the frame and they have now enlarged. I had been attracted to this juicer by the lifetime warranty on the stainless steel grinders, but had not noticed there's no warranty on the frame. Soon it will be useless despite very careful handling.

Review of Twin Health Juicer

Rating: 5 out of 5

Added by Mike J from British Columbia on 12/10/2006

It now has been 10 months since purchasing my Twin Health Juicer and WOW am I ever glad I took the time to look around and try to find a juicer to suit my needs. This juicer is "fantastic" I have owned several Centrifugal juicers in the past and yes they are very fast working machines and tend to be messy along with heating up the juice, not good. The Twin Gear Juicers is where it's at! if you want QUALITY juice, yes the process is slower but the reward is worth it. I have found cutting the food in long thin pieces works the best and won't clog the machine. It runs very smooth if you do this and it is extremely quiet actually unbelievably quiet. This machine also juices wheatgrass so a second machine is not needed. It's an all in one! Clean up is a breeze also. I can clean cut and juice a glass of carrot juice with clean up in about 10 minutes. not bad in my books.I searched the web for about a month and once I finally picked Twin Health the problem I encountered was trying to buy it in Canada.try good prices and fast delivery. I rate the Twin Health Juicer a 5 out of 5. for total results. The slower time for juicing can be a pain for few but I don't mind, especially knowing I'm getting better quality juice.
Mike J

Review of Twin Health Juicer

Rating: 4 out of 5

Added by Brian G from London on 11/2/2005

I got my Twin Health after umming and ahhing trying to choose between it and the Green Star. I am so far pleased with my purchase as it does an damn fine job of juicing green vegetables and wheatgrass.

The taste and feel of the juice it makes is terrific and I cannot fault it in this regards.

The only problem I have with it is it is slightly slow if you have a lot of stuff to juice but I suppose you have to accept this with a Twin Gear juicer when compared with the Champion / centrifuggal juicers.