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Samson / Wildcat

Rating: 2 out of 5

Added by blue from London on 2/26/2009

I have no axe to grind and equally I don't sell juicers so this is my honest review.
I have just bought a Samson and I am very disappointed, here's why.

First up the juice yield is very, very poor, nothing like the 9 out of 10 touted in these reviews (ad's). My ten year old Kenwood centrifugal JE600, now £10 new, produces approx 650/680 ml of juice from a kilo of carrots, just enough for my family of three to get a glass each in the morning. The Samson, £169 and one day old, returned 450 ml that is 30/33% less, a big loss and a massive waste of carrots. More importantly for me one glass short of the three I need.

Ah but the quality of juice I hear the salesmen call. Well it's a matter of preference here, I prefer the Kenwood, okay it's a little foamy and cloudy but it has some texture to it, my wife preferred the Samson for its clear pulp free consistency. Tropicana sell an equal amount of Smooth to Original O-J so we have to accept some like a little pulp some don’t and it could be argued that a higher level of included fibre is actually beneficial.

Ah but what about the enzymes? The comparative test at shows a loss of 22% of enzymes for a centrifugal machine over a masticating one, comparing similar machines to the Kenwood and Samson but you have just lost over 30% of your juice to begin with, this would indicate that I am still down 16% when I factor in both equations.
You may want to research these enzyme claims a bit as well, as so many sites claim that oxidization totally depletes the juices goodness, which is just not correct. The same goes for the claims of heat degradation, enzymes are not affected by the relatively low heat caused in centrifugal extraction, they are only affected when pasteurized at high heat.

The hacres test also showed that organic over grocery store carrots increased the enzyme count by 42%.

So lets move on to use. You will have got by now that the Samson is a slower machine to use but I think the timing is played down a little. With a family to get to work/school I bang out three centrifugal glasses including washing and topping the carrots and then cleaning the machine in under five minutes. The Samson took triple that, closer to quarter of an hour for the same level of wash down. Well that’s an extra ten minutes in bed or more likely that no juice will get made if we are rushing.
With the Samson the carrots needs to be cut pretty small and the hopper needs constant manual feeding plus the pulp soon builds up and overflows the waste vessel, all in all a two handed job. Although not hard to clean it is fiddly and takes time.
It will be a dedicated family who undertakes this process every morning and so the chance of the masticator gathering dust is higher than the centrifugal.

Another disappointment was when I tried to re-process the pulp, trying to squeeze out every last drop of juice, it just does not work. More juice did come out, but out of the back of the feed nozzle all over the body of the machine not into the hopper. I questioned the company who sold it to me and they replied "yes, it does that” and then told me not to bother trying, just bin the pulp.

The looks. Hands up here I am a designer and a bit of a gadget snob and I admit the Kenwood is no looker and so it is always hidden when not in use. The Samson is just as ugly and wouldn’t grace my worktop either, so one all there. Although the Samson takes up more cupboard space.

The Samson can supposedly make wheatgrass juice, pasta and frozen fruit sorbet. I didn’t bother trying to be honest, I was after an improved carrot juicer and the Samson was in my bad books by now for wasting so much good usable carrot juice.
I figured that I currently juice six kilos of carrots a week, say for 48 weeks of the year. To make up for the loss of juice the Samson returns I will need to buy an extra 144 kilos of carrots and at Waitrose prices that is an extra £187.00. not to mention the extra 48 hours per year I could have had in bed.

I hope this helps you make your own choice.



Ps. I have just realized that I lied in paragraph one, I do have a juicer to sell. If anyone wants a very clean virtually unused one day old Samson/Wildcat in the box with a free juicing book drop me a line.