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Freshlife Sprouter pump

Rating: 3 out of 5

Added by David from UK on 3/12/2010

As others have indicated, the pump on this unit is definitely substandard. Unit works good at first, but gets to where it's not pumping water good enough even after a good cleaning. I took my pump apart and cleaned it as well. No improvement. Bought a replacement pump and motor for $40. Same thing. Works good at first, but after a couple of months or less it's useless. This time I'm looking at adapting an aquarium pump to the unit.

go Auto afew Months later

Rating: 2 out of 5

Added by Mike from Montana on 2/22/2010

Well after running the unit for a couple of months-The pump Motor doesn't always start so I have to tap on it with a Knife handle to get it to start. So far that has worked.
But it makes such a loud noise when it runs that I can't sleep with it running. Most of the time if you change the water in the morning it is running more quiet by night.
So beware! It is a great idea but they went cheap on the motor and pump. Looking at the reviews others have written-I lucky mine still runs.

not so good

Rating: 1 out of 5

Added by Laurine from Edmonton on 2/1/2010

I loved my Freshlife Sprouter for the 2 whole days that it worked! Then it would not pump water and even after following the direction from the company it still would not work. It was very disappointing.

Freshlife Sprouter

Rating: 1 out of 5

Added by SunniD from Calgary on 8/29/2009

Sprouter lasted long enough to grow 2 batches of sprouts and then the motor died. Trays are hard to get in and out and cleaning is difficult. I would never buy this unit again.

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Added by Mike from Montana on 7/15/2009

I like the Freshlife Sprouter. It allows me to grow sprouts. I am never home on the weekend, but with this unit I can fill it up with seeds, water, and some Hydogen Peroxide or grape fruit seed extract and come home to great sprouts days later. It is time comsuming to clean the seed hulls out of the sprouts but I got a 1/4 inch screen basket that is helping with that. The water pump looses it prime whenever I change water and it doesn't spin the sprinkler. But I just unplug it a couple times and it primes and works right away. Also when I got it the clamps on the sprinkler head that hold it together were covering some of the holes and so the unit would not spin. I just slid the clamps so all the holes where open and it sprayed down on the sprouts and not just on the walls of the Bowl and spins better. I have the water valve open all the way too.
over all it is a great unit. And it doubles as a Babbling Brook Atmosphere sound device:)