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The Handle Breaks

Rating: 1 out of 5

Added by Bruce from New York on 6/16/2010

I have used this juicer daily for about 6 months and knew it was just a matter of time before the handle ripped off. This morning it happened. It just can't sustain the torque that is placed on it. Do not buy it.

where does tray go

Rating: 3 out of 5

Added by Gerry Mc Laughlin from strathclyde on 3/2/2010

easy to assemble but positioned tray at back of juicer i thought juicer was damaged,when juice started running down my leg,my family thought i had wet myself,when it was pointed out to me that i had the tray at the wrong end what aplonker i am.

It juiced well

Rating: 1 out of 5

Added by Miranda from London on 7/1/2009

I bought one of these about 2 months ago & found it was really easy to use, easy to clean & juiced well. Until this morning. The screw part of the auger which the handle attaches to twisted off irrepably as I was turning it. Not impressive after only 2 months use & now I'm without a juicer.

Yes, it works, but....

Rating: 4 out of 5

Added by Zena Herbert from NW, UK on 9/4/2008

I read such glowing reports of this entry-level juicer that it was my almost automatic choice. Fiendishly packed in a bright box (but difficult to re-pack so neatly) it looked exactly like the illustrations. An instructional CD is included to supplement the written introduction sheet. Not all have the means of viewing CDs. The suction pad works well. The single auger is solid. It assembles without any problems. Tools, spare gaskets and knurled nut included It is very easy to clean.
Here is the big BUT. It doesn't tell you where to put the jug. The drawings are very coy about showing where the juice comes out and where the pulp exits. It would be so useful to have a large arrow on the illustration with 'Juice from here' writ large.There is only one small picture on the sheet of the machine with its jug in place and the location is not where one might think. I splurted half my apple juice onto the floor before I twigged I'd put the jug in the wrong place. And I had read the leaflet (as I thought) with care. I replaced the jug correctly and tried some pears. Excellent purée but not juice.
Once my wheatgrass is big enough, I'll try again. That is really why I bought the machine. For quick fruit and vegetable juice, I'll stick to my centrifugal juicer. This machine is nicely built for the price but the written instructions are inadequate. I don't want congratulations on my purchase, I want full, clear information.