Using Plum in your smoothie / juice health drinks

A substance in the plums skin stimulates movement of the bowels. This is why prunes (dried plums) are well known for their effects on constipation.alright for a few days.

When choosing plums avoid plums that have discoloured skins or are leaky. Also avoid plums that are too soft or ones that appear shrivelled.A plum's ripeness can not be judged by its colour because the many varieties of plum each have their own colour. Yet all plums should be soft when ripe and never hard.

Plums contain good levels of the powerful antioxidant vitamin C. Plums are cholesterol, sodium and fat free.

Make sure you remember to remove the plum stone (or pit) before putting the plum through your juicer.

Plums continue to ripen after they have been harvested. To speed up the ripening of a plum place the plums in a paper bag and leave them for a few days. Once plums are ripe store them in the fridge.

Plums are popular in home orchards and can be found in early to mid summer in local farm markets and Womens Institue fairs.

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