Information on juicing Peach

Peaches are not fully ripe when they arrive in the fruit shop. Most will be ready to eat in two to three days if stored at room temperature. If your in a rush for your peach juice enclosing them in a paper bag to trap the natural gasses can speed up ripening whilst allowing them to "breathe" a little.

When looking for good peaches to juice look for peaches that are firm and full-colored and avoid ones that are tinged with green; the green areas won't ripen properly.

Make sure you remember to remove the stone before using your peaches to create peach juice.

Some may find fresh peach juice a bit thick, if this is the case dilute it down in a multi juice recipe or add water or apple juice.

Peaches were once known as Persian apples and the peach is a symbol of longevity and good luck in China.

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