Information on juicing Lime

Mature dark green limes have a higher juice content than those which are picked when yellow. Lime juice can add a zing to otherwise bland juice recipes.

To get maximum juice, up to 30 percent more, make sure the lime is at room temperature, and then roll it around on a countertop with the heel of your hand until it softens before juicing.

Key limes are small, somewhat larger than a walnut, oval in shape with a thin, yellowish rind . They are aromatic and very juicy, with a stronger and more complex acidic flavor than Persian limes.Large, light, bright, green colored, seedless limes contain more juice, approximately 70 to 80 percent of the lime.

Limes, including Key limes, actually contain less vitamin C than lemons.

Juicer recipes which contain Lime juice

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Smoothie recipes which contain Lime

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