Information on juicing Fennel

Fennel (its full name is really Florence Fennel) is grown for both its leaves and seeds which have a mild aniseed flavour.

When juicing fennel the fennel bulb (which forms the root of the plant) is used. Simply remove a thin end at the root of the bulb and then wash the bulb. Chop the bulb into quarters and feed it through your juicer. The plant also produces stems with fronds on that can also be juiced.

Fennel can be used in your juicing recipes for both its distinctive taste and aroma as well as the benefits to your body that fennel juice can provide. Adding just half a bulb can transform the taste of a standard carrot and apple based juice. If you like licorice then you will most likely find the aniseed flavour of fennel appealing.

Fennel goes well with an array of juicing ingredients including apples, pears, celery and carrots. You can store fennel in the fridge for around a week. When choosing fennel from a grocers look for bulbs that are white and firm to the touch.

Fennel juice has properties that make it a useful detoxifier and also an aid to digestion.

The main benefits of fennel juice are due to the essential oils it contains. The compound that gives Fennel its distinctive aniseed aroma is Anethole which is also found in anise and star anise.

Fennel is also sometimes used as a diuretic (a diuretic is a substance that speeds up the rate of urine excretion from the body). Diuretics are used in the treatment of a number of diseases such as kidney diseases and hypertension as they help eliminate toxins from the body through passing urine.

Fennel is sometimes used to help relieve trapped wind and you can use either the bulb leaves or a few small 'branches' of the plant.

Fennel can be found throughout the globe including Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The feathery foliage of fennel is often used as a flavour enhancing herb and garnish (especially with cooked fish).

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