Information on juicing Carrot

The carrot is one of the commonest juicing ingredients as it has a good 'spread' of vitamins and other nutrients. It is a good all rounder. Carrot juice often forms the base for juice recipes as carrots are readily available all year round and are cheap.

Make sure to peel, top and tail your carrots unless they are grown organically, otherwise your carrot juice may have agricultural chemicals present in it.

Carrot juice can help your eyesight, this is because the carrot contains a form of vitamin A which is used in the production of visual pigments in the retina.Carrot juice is also a good source of energy because it contains a lot of sugar.

When shopping for carrots avoid soft bendy carrots and choose hard carrots. Store your carrots in the fridge to prevent them losing moisture and wilting.

Carrots come in many different sizes and shapes and not all carrots are orange. India, China, and Japan had established carrots as a food crop by the 13th century whereas they were not well known in Europe until well into the Middle Ages.

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Smoothie recipes which contain Carrot

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