Information on juicing Alfalfa sprouts

Juicing Alfalfa sprouts can provide great health benefits as well as enable us to cheaply grow our own produce that we can use for juicing. It is incredibly easy to grown our own alfalfa sprouts that will be ready for harvest within days. Sprouts are packed full of nutrients and by growing your own alfalfa sprouts for juicing you can provide yourself will a totally organic, pesticide and herbicide free crop. You can obtain organic alfalfa seeds online or from your local health food outlet.

Sprouting your own Alfalfa will also ensure that it is at its freshest when it goes into your juicer as you can juice the alfalfa on the day of harvesting them. For more information on sprouting alfalfa see our sprouting pages.

To prepare your sprouts for juicing simply rinse them, drain them and then wrap them up tightly in something like a lettuce leaf. Feed the stuffed lettuce leaf into the juicer. This should help the juicer extract the juice from the alfalfa sprouts more efficiently.

If you are buying alfalfa sprouts look for brightly coloured, crisp looking sprouts. The sprout roots should be white whilst the leaves may range in colour from yellow to pale green to darker green. The amount of sunlight the leaves have received will determine their colour, the more sunlight they receive the darker green they will become.

Only juice mature alfalfa sprouts (which have set 2 leaves). Non-mature sprouts and non-sprouted alfalfa seeds contain the amino acid canavanine. Canavanine can retrigger autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Alfalfa sprouts should be stored in the fridge. Avoid sprouts that are turning brown or have dry looking roots, this is a sign that they are past their peak. Another indication of alfalfa being past its optimum condition is if yellowy white water starts to form in the bottom of the container they are being stored in.

Alfalfa sprouts are a good source of protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, silicon, cobalt and zinc.

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