Juicing as part of a raw food diet

It is believed that many chronic degenerative diseases are caused or aggrevated by digestive problems, this cause and effect process receives rather less coverage than it deserves in today’s modern world of convenience meals and junk food.

So how can you improve the functioning of your digestive system? How can you ensure your body receives the nutrients it needs to function effectively? The best way is to introduce juicing and raw food into your diet.

Effects of heat on food

Whether you eat 100% raw food or just increase your level of raw food intake, the reasons to do so are well documented. Cooking diminishes a great deal of the nutritional value of the food we eat such as vitamin content. Cooking destroys the enzymes found in food, enzymes are the keys to many thousands of chemical reactions that occur within our body. Cooking destroys oxygen levels that would be found in the raw form of the food. Degenerative diseases such as cancer proliferate in cells that are lacking in oxygen. Amino acids – the building blocks of protein have their molecular form mutated by cooking which makes them harder to digest. When compared to raw foods, cooked foods require the body to divert a great deal more of its energy to the process of digestion.

Out of the incredibly diverse range of species on the earth it is humans and their domesticated animals such as dogs and cows that suffer from disease. These species all have the following factor in common – they are the only types of animal to eat cooked food that is lacking in enzymes. All other animals eat a raw food diet.

Raw food linked to longevity

In an article in the January 1973 edition of the National Geographic magazine Dr. Alexander Leaf published his studies into some of the oldest living communities in the world. These communities were found spread across the globe - the Viacabambans of Ecuador, the Hunzukuts of Pakistan and the Abkhazians of Russia. These communities were free of common western diseases such as Cancer, Heart Disease and Obesity. The life expectancy of people in these communities averaged over 100 years. What was the factor that linked these communities together? The link was the fact that they all ate a diet that was predominantly made up of raw food such as raw fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts and unpasteurised dairy products. The frequently used concept that consuming raw fresh juice everyday can be thought of as taking out life insurance certainly seems to bear greater significance when the above study is taken into account.

Fresh juice counts as raw food

It is generally accepted that someone who eats a raw food diet is someone whose diet consists of at least 75% uncooked – raw food. Juicing counts towards eating more raw food as raw fruit and vegetables are put through our juice extractors.

Shop bought juices are often heat treated to increase their shelf life. This means they are devoid of enzymes and their benefit to our bodies is far less than fresh home made juice obtained through a juice extractor.

Juicing can enable us to consume a large amount of raw food in one easy to digest drink. With the billions of dollars being spent on advertising high fat, high sugar convenience and junk foods filled with preservatives and other such chemicals juicing is now more than ever a vital tool for helping us provide our bodies with its nutritional requirements and giving our digestive system the rest that it requires.

Juicers that run at a lower speed such as Twin gear juicers are said to give juice with a higher nutritional content that will store for a longer time before its nutritional content degenerates. This is because the slower operating speed of the juicer means that less heat is produced by the process of juice extraction and less oxygen is introduced into the juice. Centrifugal juicers run at higher speeds and produce more heat than the twin-gear or single auger juicers and introduce more oxygen into the juice.