Z Star manual juicer - wheatgrass capable

On unpacking the Z Star manual juicer it was immediately apparent that it was going to take up less space in the kitchen than most electric powered juicers. Setting up the Z star for use was very intuitive and simple, it could have been done without reading the instructions in the manual. The manual is quite basic but covers all the necessary information such as assembling and disassembling the juicer and cleaning instructions.

Z star manual juicerAssembling the juicer is also a very quick process. The Z star manual juicer is secured to your kitchen worktop by a G-clamp, both the G-clamp and the juicer base have rubber grips to prevent any damage to your work surface. The main juicer body is made of aluminium that has been painted thus giving a rust free juicing environment. Most of the other juicer parts are plastic. The juice screen is made from stainless steel and a toothbrush type brush is provided to help clean the screen. With its see through auger holder you can see the effect of the auger as it crushes the juice out of the produce. The Z-star is certainly a good looking manual juicer and would not look out of place in the most modern of kitchens. The crank handle that you turn to make the auger turn is removable so when you aren't using the juicer you can reduce the amount of room the juicer takes up. The juicer comes with a 1 year warranty.

the Z star manual juicer juiced wheatgrass very efficiently

In use the Z star feels solid and well built. Tribest, the juicer manufacturers suggest that as well as juicing wheatgrass, the Z Star is capable of juicing other fruits and vegetables as well as leafy greens. Sure enough the Z star manual juicer juiced wheatgrass very efficiently, the wheatgrass pulp was quite dry and was expelled successfully through the pulp ejection hole at the end of the juicer. If you wish you can refeed the pulp back through the juicer to extract any remaining juice. The juice did not contain a large amount of froth as can be produced by some of the electric powered twin gear juicers. Feeding wheatgrass through the Z Star took no longer than feeding it through an electric juicer and little effort was required turning the crank handle.

The Z star did manage to juice carrots but a good deal more pressure was required to push the carrot down onto the auger. The carrot juice also contained a good deal of pulp and so I found it preferable to put the juice through a sieve. The carrot pulp was successfully ejected. The Z star also managed to juice apples although the pulp ejection system did get clogged up and I had to disassemble the juicer to clear the blockage. Again the juice produced was quite pulpy. I would not recommend the Z star for juicing large amounts of fruit and vegetables but it is certainly capable of juicing small amounts even though the juice may contain a large degree of pulp.

One design flaw of the Z star manual juicer is the juice jug that catches the juice. It fits neatly into the juicer body but it's length reaches to right underneath the pulp ejection hole. This means that sometimes I found the ejected pulp falling into the juice jug, thus introducing more pulp into the juice. How such a simple design fault could have been overlooked I am not sure. However this can be easily remedied by using an alternative vessel for catching the juice in.

Disassembling the Z star normally takes less than 30 seconds although I found when juicing carrots the unlocking end part of the juicer had formed some kind of vacuum seal with all the pulp that had been forced up against the pulp ejection section. It required a good minute of effort in twisting the end to unlock the juicer. Cleaning of the juicer parts was very simple and as with all juicers, if you clean straight after juicing its a lot easier than when you have let the pulp dry onto the screen.

My overall view of the Z star is that it is an excellent wheatgrass juicer with the ability to juice small amounts of fruits or vegetables if necessary. The Z star would be ideal for someone who already has a fruit and vegetable juicer and wants to start drinking wheatgrass juice without having to buy another more expensive wheatgrass capable juicer such as the Green Star or Twin Health

The Z star is also ideal for those who want to juice mainly wheatgrass but would like to 'dilute' the taste with vegetable or apple juice, the Z star excels in this area as you can juice your wheatgrass and then stick a couple of apples or carrots through. For those short on time the Z star is also preferable to the more complicated cleaning and assembly of the larger twin gear machines.

Happy Juicer Recommended!

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