Moulinex juicer Juicemaster Plus

At first glance the Moulinex looks quite impressive. Its design has sleek curves built into it and it has a graphite finish which give it a modern, technological look. The motor and centrifugal basket sit in the middle section of the juicer whilst the 'pulp tank' and juice collecting jug sit either side of the juicer.

Moulinex Juicemaster plus

This Moulinex juicer is similar in operating principles to many other centrifugal juicers on the market. You cut up your fruit and vegetables into chunks or slices that you feed through a hole in the lid of the juicer just as you would add ingredients into a food processor. A 'pusher' is included to help you push the pieces of fruit and veg down the feeding chute and onto the rotating 'blade'. This blade breaks / grates the produce fibres so that the juice can be released from within them.

The fibres are then flung out to the edges of the juicing basket which has tiny holes in it. The centrifugal force of the spinning basket forces the juice out from the fibres of the fruit or veg and the juice is then directed into the juice collecting jug. The pulp (once it has had the juice extracted from it) is then automatically ejected into the pulp tank ready for disposal in whichever way you see fit (see uses for juicer pulp).

The Moulinex does a reasonable job of extracting the juice and the pulp comes out fairly dry.

Assembling the few juicer parts is very simple. The Moulinex Juicemaster plus has a 'one hand' easy operation method which has an automatic safety cutoff feature that prevents the machine from being switched on unless the juicer is assembled and the basket is locked in properly.

There are two speed settings included on this machine so that different types of fruit and vegetables, both hard and soft can be juiced successfully.

A juice jug is included with the juicer which features a handy foam seperator. Centrifugal juicers can create a fair amount of foam due to the increased RPM at which they operate when compared to masticating and twin gear juicers. Because the Juicemaster Plus ejects the pulp it must operate at higher speeds than non pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers. This means that you should drink your juice as soon as you have made it as oxidation of valuable vitamins and minerals will occur in the juice due to the rapid RPM of the machine.

Cleaning the juicer is fairly straightforward with all removable parts being dishwasher safe, although it is quick and easy to just rinse the parts in warm soapy water as soon as you have drunk your juice. You can then reassemble the juicer so it is ready for use next time.

The fine mesh of the centrifugal basket ensures that the juice created by the Moulinex juicer is relatively free from bits of pulp. The small size of the mesh means that it is advisable to use either a nail brush or a tooth brush to clean the basket with as the bristles on these brushes can clear any blockages much more efficiently than a sponge or cloth.

The 'pulp tank' will need emptying if you are creating a number of glasses of juice but holds enough pulp for it not to much of an inconvenience if only making a glass or two. The type of produce you juice will also influence how often the pulp tank needs emptying.

The Moulinex juicer provides a low cost way to enter the world of juicing and for that it must be applauded but the low cost may be reflected in the length of service the juicer may give you. Do not try and force oversized pieces of fruit or vegetables through the feeding chute with excess pressure as this can damage the motor and may cause the juicer to operate ineffectively.