L'equip mini pulp ejector review

Lequip Mini Pulp EjectorThe L'equip Mini Pulp Ejector 110.5 is a centrifugal pulp ejecting juicer. I had read many great things about the L'equip 110.5 so I was keen to get to grips with it and see if it lived up to my expectations.

The L'equip looks and feels very much like a futursitic food processor and its chrome and silver finish will make it feel at home in the most contemporary of kitchens. On lifting the box it was immediately apparent that this juice extractor was very light compared to some of the non-centrifugal juicers that were included in this head to head review. The Mini Pulp Ejector certainly looks the part and I thought that when compared to other juicers it would take up the least amount of room on the kitchen worktop and it did, that is until I added the pulp collection basket that fits at the rear of the machine. Even with the pulp collection basket fitted the juicer still took up little space (but still a little more than the Magimix Le Duo).

Again like the Magimix, there are few parts to assemble on the L'equip Mini Pulp Ejector and this is reflected in the rapid assembly time. There are no tricky parts that need special attention when assembling the juicer such as lining twin gears up correctly, deciding what screen to use etc. The juicing bowl and lid are locked in place by some side clips that do feel a little bit flimsy but are a breeze to open and close.

On first switching the L'equip juicer on the first thing of note was the higher noise level than normal. This is because the juicer uses centrifugal force to eject the pulp. In fact the L'equip operates at 14,500 RPM that is significantly higher than any other juicer in this head to head review. The higher operational speed is also noticeable in the stream of air that is forced out of the juice outlet nozzle.

The juicing produce is near sucked down the feeding chute at a greater speed than the other juicers tested. The feeding chute is of a generous size and apples only need to be quartered to fit down. This certainly speeds up juice preparation time. The pulp ejection system works well and the high centrifugal speed forces the juice through the juicing screen and the pulp climbs the juicing screen walls (which are at around a 45 degree angle (this is different from non pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers which have vertical juicing screen walls) and is then expelled into the pulp collection basket at the back of the machine.

The pulp ejected from the L'equip was not as dry as the pulp from the Magimix, this is the norm with pulp ejecting centrifugal juicers as the pulp does not have centrifugal force exerted on it for as long as models which retain the pulp in the pulp basket. This means less juice is extracted from the pulp.

The juice from the Mini Pulp Ejector contained very little pulp although it did contain a lot more froth than the Magimix. This is caused by greater levels of air being introduced into the juice by the much higher RPM. The high levels of air lead to more rapid oxidation of the juice nutrients and so juice should be consumed immediately after making it. The juice did not taste as rich as the juice that was extracted by the other juicers (especially the twin gear models).

The L'equip juicer handled a wide variety of vegetables and fruits with ease. No citrus press attachment is included unlike the Magimix Le Duo. The Mini Pulp Ejector is not capable of juicing wheatgrass.

Cleaning the Mini Pulp Ejector was easier and quicker than the non-centrifugal models as there were fewer parts to clean most of the parts rinsed clean very easily, the exception being the juicing screen (although all areas of this could be reached easily enough). The pulp collection bin had a few nooks that were difficult to get to because of some tight angles - something for the designers to look at perhaps. If you can't be bothered rinsing the parts then you can put them in the dishwasher as unlike most juicers in this review the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

No cleaning brush is included with the 110.5 which is a shame as I found the fine meshed stainless steel juicing screen was quite fiddly to clean and certainly need a brush of somekind if you don't use a dishwasher.

Our overall findings of the L'equip 110.5 are that it can be assembled, used, disassembled and cleaned in the shortest time possible compared to all other juicers in this test. I would recommend the L'equip to those who have a very busy time schedule or those who are slightly less dedicated in their pursuance of the maximum possible health benefit.

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