Happy Juicer Awards

The Happy Juicer awardsare based on the results of our testing of the different juicers that took part in our head to head juicer review. Although these awards relect our own opinions we recommend reading the full reviews of the machines to find out which is best suited to your particular needs.

  • Best Fruit & Vegetable Juicer

    Best Fruit and vegetable juicer Champion Juicer

    The Champion has been around for a long time and it is easy to see why, simpler in operation and clean up than the twin gear models the Champion deals very well with a wide range of fruit and vegetable ingredients whilst retaining more nutrient content than most centrifugal juicers.

  • Best Health Benefits Juicer

    Best Health Benefits  juicer Green Star

    We found it very difficult to give this award this to just one juicer as the Twin Health and the Green Star were running neck and neck on many criteria. These twin gear juicers certainly make the highest quality juice, rich in taste, deep in colour and with the longest shelf life of all the juices made from the machines on test in our head to head juicer review. In the end we preferred the Green Star due to it's pulp outlet adjustment nozzle which (after getting used to it) gave greater control over how the ingredients were fed through the juicer and resulted in less blockages. Personal preference on this factor may differ for different people so make sure to read our full reviews for more information.

  • Best Wheatgrass Juicer

    Best Wheatgrass juicerZ Star Manual Juicer

    We loved this manual juicer as it enabled you to make a shot of quality wheatgrass juice in a short space of time. It's modern, space saving design is long overdue in the manual juicer market and as an added bonus if you like to flavour your wheatgrass with other juices, the Z star is capable of juicing fruit and vegetables as well.

  • Best Value For Money Juicer

    Best value juicer Magimix Le Duo

    The combination of price, convenience and juice quality were what earnt the Le Duo the best value for money juicer award. The Le Duo offered an excellent combination of the 3 points listed above making it in our eyes the best value juicer on the market. As an extra bonus a citrus press is also included.