Frucosol Commercial Orange Juicer

Frucosol Commercial Orange Juicer

The Frucosol juicer is a compact, stylish commercial orange juicer that is also capable of juicing other types of citrus fruit. It allows the fully automated juicing of oranges. This means your staff can get busy serving more customers and a high demand for orange juice can be met with ease.

The Frucosol weighs in at 75 lbs and measures 29" H x 18" W x 13" D. This means the Frucosol can be placed on a work surface with ease. The structure is strong being made mostly out of stainless steel with some plastic parts. Maintenance of the juicer should be minimal as the Frucosol has been designed to have as few as moving parts as possible. The engine is 3/4 HP and 150 watt. It operates at a relatively slow speed so should last and last.

The Frucosol F-50 juicer is capable of juicing around 20 to 25 fruits a minute and this equates to around 30 gallons of juice an hour. That is some going and should be enough to handle most juice bars, restaurants, hotels or clubs that need the services of a commercial orange juicer.

How it works

The method of juice extraction differs to many other commercial orange juicers that use the centrifugal force method to extract the juice. The Frucosol juicer presses the orange juice out.

First of all the 'fruit basket' on top of the juicer is filled with oranges. Then you simply press a button and the oranges roll down the ramp and are collected by the machine and passed over a blade which cuts the orange in half. The two halves are then swung into position to be pressed. The machine collects the juice and then discards the orange skins into the waste buckets at the side of the machine. When there are no more fruit left in the feeding ramp the juicer switches off automatically.

The Frucosol has been designed to prevent oils from the fruit skins splashing into the juice which can detract from the taste.

Because there is a ramp 'feeding system' to pass the fruit into the juicer it means that different type of citrus fruit can be passed to the juicer just by putting them onto the ramp in the desired order. This means that lemons and grapefruit can be added to your available juice combinations.

It is important to note that the Frucosol can only juice citrus fruit of a certain diameter - between 2 1/4 and 3 1/4 inches. Don't make an order for just any old oranges or else you could be left with a lot of waste fruit on your hands. There are many fruit suppliers who can obtain the correct kind of fruit for the juicers requirements and the juicer manufacturers also offer an orange delivery service each week.

Customer friendly

As well as the automation of the juicing process and the quick juicing speed the Frucosol juicer's great advantage to your business is the visual aspect of the juicing process going on in front of the customers eyes. People want freshly prepared food and drink these days and they can see they are getting this from the Frucosol. The great taste of the juice due to no pith or zest oils being present will also delight their tastebuds. A happy customer is a returning customer.