Friul Iota commercial juicer

Remida Automatic citrus juicer / reamerFriul have a reputation for producing high quality juicers that can be used both at home and in a commercial environment. The Iota is a compact fruit and vegetable juicer that is more than capable of operating in a commercial environment such as a juice bar / sandwich bar etc. Its small size make the Iota a great choice for sitting on a worktop where space is limited.

The Iota dimensions are just 190 x 190 x 430 mm and it weighs in at only 7 KG. Just because the Iota is smaller in size than others in the Friul juicer range it does not mean that it is less capable of juicing the same high volumes of produce.

The Iota is a centrifugal juicer that ejects the pulp. The very high speed at which the machine operates (15500 RPM) means that the pulp is well seperated from the juice and is ejected so that the machine operator does not have to stop the machine and empty the pulp basket as would occur on non pulp-ejecting juicers. The efficient seperation of pulp from juice will keep your customers happy as they won't be chewing on small pieces of pulp - the juice produced is very smooth. This is important in a commercial environment as a happy customer is a returning customer.

Friul commercial juicers are designed and built in Italy and the Iota shares unique patented design features that can be found in the rest of the Friul range. A great design feature that is featured on the Iota involves locating the circular shaped feed chute over the centre of the blade. The effect of this is that even pressure is exerted on the heavy-duty motors bearings which results in the motor having a longer life. The produce 'pusher' that pushes the produce down the feed chamber has teeth on its base that grip the fruit and vegetables so that it is easier to introduce produce into the juicer.

The juice extraction design features and ideas are not the only indication of the quality of this machine. The build quality is also superb with an anodised aluminium body, beautifully shaped and finished that will add to the professionalism and style of your establishment.

The Iota is simple to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.