Easy Health - Live Enzyme Juicer

Easy Health Live Enzyme JuicerThe Easy Health Live Enzyme juicer is a new addition to the Easy Health range of products. Unlike its smaller sibling the manual Easy Health juicer the Live Enzyme juicer (model GP62) is electric powered.

It is fair to say that the Live Enyme juicer has groundbreaking design in that it is the first masticating juicer that does not have a juicing screen (a type of sieve with fine holes in that is used to seperate the juice from the pulp).

Juicer attachmentsThe team at Easy Health have used knowlege from their manual juicer to help extend the quality and design process to come up with the live Enzyme Juicer. Like their manual juicer the Live Enzyme juicer is highly suited to juicing wheatgrass and other leafy greens. It is also capable of juicing other vegetables and fruit and can make nut butters, sorbets and pasta.

The juicer comes with two different augers (one for wheatgrass and one for fruit and vegetables) that are used to crush and tear the produce to release the juice. The auger turns at the low speed of 76 RPM which means

  • little heat is produced by the juicing process
  • little oxygen is introduced resulting in slower oxidation of the juice

The low speed therefore preserves the 'live juice's' enzymes content and so the nutritional content of the juice is high when compared to machines that operate at much higher speeds.

The clean up of the machine is said by the manufacturers to be the easiest around due to there being no juicing screen to clean. The juicing screen is often the most time consuming part of a juicer to clean as pulp tends to get stuck in the fine holes of the screen.

The juicers motor comes with an impressive 8 year warranty which shows they must be confident of the build quality. Other parts have a 2 year warranty. Like their manual juicer, the Live Enzyme juicer is very competitively priced (in fact considerably lower than other masticating juicers such as the Champion juicer).