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Pumpkin juice recipe - Pump it up

Pumpkin juice recipe for your juicer with Oranges and Root Ginger

Serving: Makes 2 medium glasses.

Juicing ingredients

  • 24 oz Pumpkin (deseeded and skinned)
  • 3 Oranges
  • 1 inch Root Ginger


Pumpkin's aren't just for Halloween and pumpkin pie! There is a wealth of health benefits that we can acquire from a pumpkin which we should seek to utilize whilst the vegetable is in season. Using seasonal fruit and vegetables in our juice recipes can help us obtain a more widespread balance of nutrients.

Pumpkin contains vitamins A and C which help to boost the immune system.

Some people liken pumpkin juice to a 'watered down' carrot juice. It is slightly thinner and also more delicate in flavour than carrot juice. For this reason we have used the pumpkin as a base in this recipe and then given the taste a lift and slight kick with the addition of orange and ginger.

Juicing instructions

Cut out sections of pumpkin with a sharp knife and scrape off any seeds. Pumpkin seeds are a well known health food so place them in a colander or sieve, and rinse them through. Dry them on a clean tea towel and save them for later. You can use them in other recipes.

Remove the pumpkin's skin, be careful as it require a fair amount of pressure to cut through it. Now chop your deseeded and skinned pumpkin flesh into chunks that are small enough to fit into your juicer's feeding chute.

Remove the orange skins and peel the ginger skin off. Alternate feeding pieces of the Pumpkin, Oranges and Ginger through the juicer.