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Sweet Pepper juice recipe - Peter Piper's Pepper Punch

Sweet Pepper juice recipe with yellow bell peppers

Serving: 2 medium glasses

Juicing ingredients

  • 2 Yellow peppers
  • 3 Oranges
  • 2 Apples
  • 2 Pears
  • 1/2 Grapefruit


This juice recipe is great for boosting your immune system as it contains high levels of vitamin C. Juicing Bell Peppers is a great way to get some vitamin C. Red and yellow peppers contain twice as much vitamin C as green peppers.

Some can find the flavour of green peppers a little bitter for their tastes when used in juicer recipes, the yellow peppers in this recipe are sweeter and melt into the other fruit flavours to give a subtle but definite taste.


Thoroughly wash and deseed the peppers and peel the oranges and grapefruit. Leave the pith on the citrus fruit as it contains Bioflavinoids which help the body absorb the vitamin C.

Put all ingredients through the juicer and serve straight away.