Delicous Juicer recipes that are amazingly healthy

Single juice recipes

Juices that are commonly sold in shops are often made up of only a single juice type, e.g. apple juice or orange juice. Don't stick to this format because that is all you are used to seeing in the shops. Using just a single type of juice is ok but the number of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and enzymes that one juice contains will not be as much as a juice drink which combines juice from a number of different ingredients.

Ironically wheatgrass juice which does contain a wide spread of nutrients doesn't taste anywhere near as nice as fruit or vegetable juices and so although drinking wheatgrass by itself is nutritionally very beneficial, many would argue that it tastes a lot better when combined with other ingredients to make a multi juice drink.

Multi juice recipes

Combining a number of different ingredients not only gives a wider nutritional base to your drink but it also unleashes the possibility of thousands of different great taste sensations.

Our juicer recipes often aim at achieving a certain goal, for instance the drink might combine ingredients that aim to give the user energy. Types of recipe include energy juices, immune system boosting juices, illness / condition fighting juices, aphrodisiac juices and healthy skin juices.

Alcoholic Juices

Want a healthier way to enjoy an alcoholic drink? These Alcoholic Juicer Recipes can dilutue the intake of alcohol whilst providing the body with nutrition.

Anti Ageing juices

Crammed full of antioxidants these anti-ageing juicer recipes will help your skin look younger and your body feel younger due to the great vitality provided.

Cleansing (detox) Juices

Help eliminate toxins and detox your body with these detoxing juicer recipes. Cleansing your body and flooding it with nutrients makes you feel great.

Energy and Vitality Juices

These energy giving juicer recipes will give you that get up and go feeling helping you do more with your precious time. Onwards and upwards.

Green Juices

Detox your body with these Green Juicer recipes packed full of minerals, antioxidants and blood cleansing nutrients. Wonder juices!

Immune boosting Juices

Give your immune system a boost with these Immune Boosting Juice Recipes that can help prevent the catching of coughs / colds / sore throats etc.

Weight Loss Juices

These weight loss juices are loaded full of vital nutrients that will help prevent your body craving junk food as well as give you the energy to aid exercise.

Don't be afraid to experiment in creating your own juicer recipes and have some fun! Just remember to go steady with strong tasting ingredients such as garlic, ginger, leeks etc and then gradually build up the amount until it meets your tastes.