Chlorella alga

Chlorella is a microscopic single celled freshwater green alga. As its name suggests, Chlorella has a very high chlorophyll content, in fact it has the highest chlorophyll content of any plant including spirulina and wheatgrass. Chlorophyll helps build the oxygen carrying red blood cells and this benefits our whole body. Chlorella can self reproduce.

As well as a high chlorophyll content chlorella also contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin B12, Beta Carotene and protein. In fact chlorella has a protein content of about 50% by weight and contains both RNA and DNA.

Chlorella is an alkaline food and as such helps our bodies maintain a neutral pH. In the modern world where our diets contain a lot of sugar, meat, processed white flour and junk food (acidic forming foods) it can affect our bodies pH balance and this makes us feel stressed easily. Incorporating alkaline foods into our diet such as Chlorella helps to keep our nerves calm and helps us deal with stress better. Stress induces the body to release acidic compounds, eating alkaline forming foods helps balance the effects of stress.

Chlorella is known to be effective when attempting to eliminate poisonous substances from the body by improving digestion and acting as an 'intestinal broom'. Mercury is stored in the intestines and the fibrous nature of chlorella helps the intestines to promote digestion which allows the mercury to be eliminated by stool. Once the concentration of Mercury in the intestine is lowered the Mercury that is stored in the rest of the body can enter the intestine where it is again 'swept' out by the fibrous chlorella.

As well as removing heavy metals Chlorella is also effective at helping remove pesticides such as DDT and PCB's. Pesticides are commonly used across the globe to help achieve higher crop yields but many can be harmful to our health. Some pesticides that have been banned (due to their effects on health) in America and the UK are still used in some countries. In today's global marketplace are you really sure where your supermarket bought fruit and vegetables are coming from? The best solution to this is to grow your own vegetables or grow your own sprouts. Chlorella can also help remove pesticides from the body as its fibrous make up binds to the pesticides so that they can be expelled from the digestive tract.

Chlorella helps digestion as the fibrous cell walls stimulate the rise in the number of aerobic friendly bacteria that are in your stomach. Indeed these friendly bacteria such as Lactobacillus can reproduce at 4 times the speed when chlorella is being eaten.

Modern techniques have helped in the processing of chlorella as its full nutritional properties can now be accessed due to the techniques used to dry the alga. Chlorella is spray dried using a process that breaks down the fibrous cell wall whilst at the same time preserving the nutrient content. This means that the nutrients inside the cell are made available to the digestive system.

You can buy chlorella in many different forms including chlorella powder, chlorella tablets and capsules. Chlorella is a whole natural food, it is not like taking a man made vitamin supplement.