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Vitamix Bar Boss Advance Blender

The VitaMix Bar Boss makes rapid, one touch blending affordable, suitable for use in juice bars, cafes and restaurants. Make more drinks in less time.

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The Vita-Mix Bar Boss Advance Blender is a high standard commercial blender that rapidly deals with creating iced drinks and smoothies and lets your staff get on with other jobs whilst it makes the drinks. The Bar Boss is ideal for juice bars and cafes where affordable, rapid service is needed.

The new Bar Boss Advance features 6 preset cycles that are programmed into the machine. These programs cover all major frozen drink types and mean that 'one touch' blending is possible. This means your staff are free to make more drinks and serve more customers.

The preset programs switch off automatically at the end of the cycle and take away the guesswork of speed and timing. They also help prevent operator error due to wrong judgement of drink conistency or forgetting the drink whilst doing another task. The preset cycles also give the advantage that the drinks are consistently made to the same high standard, regardless of operator or location.

Because of the automated process of 'one touch blending', it means that less staff training is needed. The preset programs can be interrupted if necessary by using the start / stop switch.

The very powerful (2 horsepower) motor along with the patented longer XP steel blades and MP jug make blending even quicker (up to 3 times faster than some commercial blenders). This means the Bar Boss is excellent in a multi jug situation where many different smoothies are being made. The motor has a 'soft start' acceleration meaning that the blades gradually speed up which means the operator does not have to stay tied to the machine to judge what speed the blender should be operating at.

The new Bar Boss is 20% quieter than the old version.

The jug for the Bar Boss is 0.9 Litre capacity and multiple jugs can be stacked in one another. The jug is made of high impact clear polycarbonate which is virtually unbreakable. The wide base design of the MP jug means that the blades create a more powerful vortex that sucks the ingredients onto the blades meaning smooth, rapid results are achieved.

Ingredients can be added whilst the blender is operating by feeding them through the flexible 2-piece lid opening.

There is also a pulse control that can be used to rejuvenate drinks that have been left standing in the jug.

The new Bar Boss Advance makes the creation of cocktails, smoothies and frozen drinks a breeze with one touch blending. It has the durability and performance characteristics you would expect from Vita-Mix at a great price.