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Vita-Mix Super TNC (Total Nutrition Centre)

Lots more functionality than just a blender with performance and reliability you would expect from Vita-Mix

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Ease of use10/10
Ease of cleaning10/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)184 x 210 x 508 (mm)
Weight9 KG (unboxed)
Warranty3 years
Other info2 horsepower motor

The Vita-Mix Super TNC (Total Nutrition Centre) is a powerful kitchen tool with a good deal more functionality than just a blender. With an extremely powerful motor (2 horsepower) and blades that turn at 22,000 RPM it makes quick and easy work of a wide range of kitchen tasks.

The machine has variable speed control and so gives even more flexibility in the range of processes the Super TNC can handle:- chopping, whipping, blending, stirring, grinding, milling... The TNC will cut through all these jobs with ease, without overloading the motor or stalling like some lesser quality blenders do.

The machine has a self cooling fan, hardened 'stay-sharp' stainless steel blades and sealed stainless steel ball bearings. The 12 sided steel motor coupling ensures that the power is efficiently transferred to the blades.

The 2 jugs are made of polycarbonate that is immensely tough and virtually unbreakable. They have a square base that forms part of the Vita-Mix design that leads to the unique cutting action. A generous 2 litre jug size ensures that you have enough capacity to make drinks and foods for the whole family.

A 'Wet' jug and blade are standard to the TNC and are used for rapidly creating smoothies, frozen desserts, purees, and soups.

The Super TNC also comes with an additional dry jug and blade. This jug and blade combination have been designed to enable the Super TNC to mix cereals, make flours, doughs, batters and more with its milling and grinding capabilities.

Vita-Mix have been leaders in the manufacturer of blenders and kitchen mixers for over 80 years. They have a reputation for exceptionally high quality engineering, performance and reliability.

A favourite in the raw food community, the Super TNC offers the home user a great deal of power and versatility in the kitchen along with performance and reliability associated with Vita-Mix products.