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Tribest Personal Blender PB200

Compact and easy to use blender with unique blend and serve cup design. The PB200 comes with extra cups, lids and grinding assembly.

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The Personal Blender from Tribest makes the creation of smoothies, sauces, baby foods, salsa, dips and pates a breeze.

It is a very lightweight, compact blender so is ideal for travelling with or taking to the office.

The blades are positioned in the lid that screws onto the cup so the personal blender can be used safely by the whole family. Get your kids eating healthy fruit smoothies, they will love blending their own drinks.

It has 'blend and serve' cups that make for quick preparation and reduced cleanup time. The cups are made from tough polycarbonate which offer high impact resistance.

The PB200 comes with motor base, 2 16oz blending cups, 2 8oz grinding cups, one blending assembly, one grinding assembly and four cup lids.

The PB100 is the same blender but without the grinding assmbly and 8oz cups.

To use the Personal Blender simply:

  1. fill the cup with the ingredients.
  2. Screw the cup lid with attached blades on to the cup lid.
  3. Place the cup upside down onto the blenders base.
  4. Press the pulse button or twist the cup for continuous blending.
  5. Take the cup off the base and unscrew the lid.

It really doesn't get much simpler than this. You can leave the lid screwed on and put the cup straight into the fridge for easy storing of drinks, baby foods etc.