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Sqweez SQ2 Commercial Orange Juicer

The Sqweez SQ2 is a British designed and engineered Automatic Citrus Juicer with sleek looks, high build quality and a fast rate of juicing. Comes with onsite warranty.

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Ease of use10/10
Juice quality10/10
Ease of cleaning9/10
Juice preparation time10/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)370 x 485 x 740
Weight33.5 KG
Warranty1 year On Site warranty
Available ColoursBlack or choose your own colours for a small additional charge
Juices Wheatgrass?No
Other info25 fruits / minute (1.5 Litres / minute)

The SQ2 is British engineered and made in the UK. It is an automated juicing machine that is highly suited for use juice bars, restaurants, hotels, sports clubs etc where a rapid, efficient juicer is required.

The SQ2 has a distinctive smart appearance with its bold black and orange colour scheme. A unique feature of the Sqweez juicer is that you can choose your own custom colours / corporate branding for a small extra charge.

The build quality of the machine is excellent and high quality materials such as food-grade 316 steel are used. The machine has been designed to minimise any sharp edges and areas that will act as bacteria traps. The machine has been approved by the Health Education Trust.

The SQ2 comes with a 1 year onsite warranty which means that in the unlikely event of a breakdown the juicer will be repaired / replaced within one working day which safeguards you against loss of revenue. This onsite warranty is another great feature of the SQ2.

The oranges roll from the orange store at the top of the machine down a stainless steel wire ramp and are then collected for juicing. The SQ2 will slice the oranges in half and then press the oranges for you, no hands required! Once the juice has been extracted from the orange the peel is then discarded in the colour co-ordinated waste baskets at the side of the machine.

This whole process is visible to the customer who can take in the whole 'fresh' experience and look forward to their freshly pressed juice.

The automatic juicing process leaves your staff time to do other things such as collect the money and keep the customer happy. At a rate of 25 oranges per minute it means that a drink can be made every 7 seconds.

The design of the machine incorporates the principle of avoiding oils and residue from the orange peel coming into contact with the juice or juicer parts and so helps prevent any bitter taste entering the juice. This means your orange juice will be sweeter and tastier than ever.

As well as the rapid juice production and tasty juice in a commercial environment you will easily be able to make 70% markup on any juice sold which can't be bad.

Happy Juicer can source and deliver specially selected juicing oranges for the SQ2 and your business. These oranges have a thin skin and high juice yield as well as being in the correct size range for fitting in commercial juicers.

We will supply 2 10KG boxes of our specially selected juicing oranges for FREE with every SQ2 purchased.

Giving your customers the chance to drink freshly squeezed orange juice rather than pasteurised juice from a carton or bottle has some key advantages. The taste of fresh juice is superior by far with a more intense, sweet flavour with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. The fresh orange juice contains more vitamins and minerals as well as also containing energy giving enzymes that are destroyed by pasteurisation.

If you are looking for a high quality, stylish, sleek, rapid commercial orange juicer then you should take a look at the Sqweez SQ2.