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Remida Citrus Juicer

A solid citrus juicer that operates at 1400 RPM. Available in a choice of colours.

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Ease of use9/10
Juice quality8/10
Ease of cleaning10/10
Juice preparation time9/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)200 x 195 x 320 (mm)
Weight6.5 KG
Warranty2 years
Available ColoursMetallic Grey, Orange, Midnight Blue
Juices Wheatgrass?No

The Remida Citrus Juicer is another high quality juicer from the Remida range that is capable of being used in a commercial environment as well as a high end home use citrus juicer.

The contemporary, sleek design is highly characteristic of Remida and it looks funky yet sophisticated. This model operates at 1400 RPM (compared with the Remida Eco model which operates at 900 RPM). The centrifugal force exerted by the spinning reamer / strainer ensures maximum juice extraction.

The operator presses the half orange (or other citrus fruit) directly onto the reamer and so has total control over making sure all the flesh of the fruit is successfully reamed. Those who prefer not to hold the fruit in their hand may want to look at the Remida Auto which used a pull down lid to apply pressure between the fruit and the reamer.

The cast aluminium body of this juicer makes the noise levels emitted by the juicer very low, ideal for early mornings! There is a transparent plastic screen that fits snugly on top of the juicing parts to help prevent any external splashing of juice.

The reamer / strainer and juice collection bowl are easily removed from the motor base for easy cleaning. The top of the motor section is waterproofed to protect it from any spills / splashes that occur.

This model is available in a choice of colours (Midnight Blue, Metallic Grey and Orange).

Excellent value for money

The Remida juicers deliver excellent results for their cost. This model is durable enough to cope with the busy demands of a commercial environment but is equally suitable to home use as an efficient, reliable citrus juicer.