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Philips Juicer - HR1861 Pro Aluminium

Popular juicer from Philips that is capable of juicing whole apples and carrots.

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This popular Philips Juicer has been designed with the goals of quick and convenient juicing.

Features for speed

The HR1861 Pro Aluminium Juicer feature list includes an extra wide feed chute that enables you to put whole fruit and vegetables through the juicer without the need for chopping or slicing them. Citrus fruits must however be peeled before placing in the juicer and if you are not using washed organic fruit and vegetables then you may want to peel or remove the skin of your produce to be sure to remove any agricultural chemicals that may have been sprayed on them.

The HR1861 is a pulp ejecting centrifugal model so the fruit / vegetable pulp is automatially ejected into the generouly sized pulp collection bucket that attaches to the juicer. This means that you can juice without having to stop to open the juicer and remove the pulp.

The juicer comes with a 1.5 litre juice jug that neatly collects the juice and prevents it spilling over your kitchen surface. This can save valuable time when cleaning up after juicing as no juice leaks under the juicer or any other tabletop kitchen appliances.

The juicer parts are dishwasher safe although the pulp bucket and jug are a little large and so best washed by hand. A handy brush is supplied to clean the filter mesh that prevents pulp entering the juice jug.

In use the centrifugal action of the juicer powered by a 700w motor makes for a rapid rate of juicing when compared to masticating or twin gear juicers. You can easily feed through enough carrot and apple in 30 seconds to make half a pint of juice.

The juicer has a dual speed control which enables more efficient juicing of soft and hard fruits.

When the pulp bucket and juice jug are fitted the juicer takes up considerable space on the work (dimensions 50cm x 50cm x 50cm) surface so bear this in mind if your kitchen space is limited.

In Use

Assembling the juicer is simple and safety is built in by requiring that the assembled the parts are locked in place before juicing can commence.

In use the juicer is suprisingly quiet for a high powered juicer and the rubber feet help keep it in place on the worktop. It also looks the part in sleek anodised aluminium finish.

The juice extraction capabilities are pretty good and the pulp is fairly dry. The dual speed control helps improve the juice extraction efficiency for soft fruits.

Top tip: If you put line the pulp bucket with a plastic bag before juicing then it means that you don't need to clean the pulp bucket out. Simply remove the bag and put the pulp on your compost heap or use it in other recipes.

Who is this juicer for?

If you are looking for a juicer that is quick and easy to use then the Philips HR1861 Pro juicer should be on your list of potential purchases. It's main drawback seems to be its size so make sure you have enough work surface area for it.