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Green Star Gold

The Green Star Gold is the flagship model of the Tribest range producting excellent quality juice and comes with a pasta making kit and breadstick making kit.

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Ease of use9/10
Juice quality10/10
Ease of cleaning8/10
Juice preparation time8/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)483 x 223 x 305 (mm)
Weight12 KG
Warranty5 years
Available ColoursWhite
Juices Wheatgrass?Yes

The Green Star Gold is a twin gear juicer that delivers juice of a fantastic quality and is capable of juicing a wide variety or produce including vegetables, wheatgrass, fruit, leafy greens and more. The list of awards the Green Star has won is considerable and it scooped our Best Health Juicer Award in our head to head juicer review as well as the Best Luxury Buy - Top 10 juicers by the Independent Newspaper in June 2003.

Those looking for a juicer to deliver the maximum nutrient and enzyme content in the juice it produces should consider a twin gear juicer such as the Green Star Gold. The twin gears turn at a slow 110 RPM which minimises heat output and prevents enzyme degradation. The twin gears of the Green Star range also contain bio-ceramic magnets that are incorporated into the twin gears that are believed to prevent oxidation of the nutrients and draw out more nutrients into the juice.

This means that juice can be made one day, stored in the fridge and be consumed the next day whilst still retaining a high enzyme and nutrient content.

Continuous juicing is possible with no pulp basket to keep emptying. There is also a 'reverse' switch to clear any blockages that occur, once clear just flick the switch back to 'forwards' mode.

The Green Star Gold is the flagship model of the Tribest range and is bigger and stronger than the GS1000. It is also the most multi-functional twin gear juicer and comes with a pasta making kit and rice cake making kit. It is capable of making sorbets, pates, noodles, baby foods, rice cakes, pasta, nut butters and more. Because of this the Green Star Gold is a favourite in the kitchen of raw food and whole food enthusiasts.

The Green Star Gold handles wheatgrass and other nutrient rich leafy greens very efficiently and gives a great juice yield.

This may be our highest priced domestic juicer but the extensive features and quality of engineering more than make up for it. If you are looking for the best health benefits and versatility from a juicer then consider the Green Star Gold.

Items included in the Green Star Gold package:

Fine Screen, Coarse Screen, Drip Tray, Pasta Screen, Pasta Guide, Sieve, Wooden Pusher, Blank Screen, Plastic Pusher, Glass Juice Jug, Cleaning Brush, Normal Adjusting Knob, Bread Stick Blank, Bread Stick Guide, Pasta Attachment, Pasta Screw, Manual.