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Green Power Kempo Juicer (Red)

Compact twin gear juicer with bio-magnets and separate wheatgrass gears. Juices vegetables, wheatgrass, leafy greens and fruit.

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Ease of use9/10
Juice quality9/10
Ease of cleaning8/10
Juice preparation time8/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)410 x 191 x 295
Weight6.2 KG
Warranty5 years motor, 1 year parts
Available ColoursWhite, Red
Juices Wheatgrass?Yes

The Kempo Juicer uses Twin gear technology to crush and press the vegetables / wheatgrass / fruit / leafy greens to extract the juice. Twin gear juicers are the best choice for someone looking to gain the maximum health benefits from juicing as they extract the most nutrients and enzymes.

The Kempo juicer is also available under a different name - the Hippocrates juicer, this is the same juicer but with different labels and accessories. The model we supply comes with noodle and pasta making attachments and a DVD that gives you a handy quick introduction to the Kempo and its possible uses.

The Kempo is smaller than other twin gear juicers such as the Green Star and Twin Health both in size and weight. In fact it measures 16" length x 7.5" wide x 11" height and weighs just under 14 1bs. This makes the Kempo suitable to kitchens with limited worktop space and also makes lifting and moving your juicing machine easier.

With regards to operating noise the Kempo is the quietest juicer on the market at just 60dB - no waking up your partner when creating juices for breakfast in bed!

The Kempo comes with 2 pushers (one wood, one plastic) to help push the produce through the feeding chute onto the twin gears. It also comes with a magnetised juice jug that fits snugly into the juicer design, the bio magnets in the juice jug help to prolong the length of time the juice can be stored.

Users report the Kempo as being one of the easiest and quickest twin gear models to clean.

There are three screens that come with the Kempo juicer, a vegetable / wheatgrass screen (fine holes), a soft fruit screen (kiwi fruits, strawberries etc) that has larger holes and a blank screen with no holes that can be used when making nut butters / sorbets etc.

Once the produce has passed through the twin gears the juice is forced out through a screen, the pulp cannot pass through the screen is automatically ejected. This means continuous juicing is possible as there is no pulp basket to empty. A pulp ejection pressure knob allows for different pressure preferences to be applied when juicing different produce, this helps prevent clogging and increases juice extraction efficiency. You will quickly pick up the appropriate pressure settings to use with the different types of produce.

Much of the nutrient extracting / preserving features of the Kempo juicer are based upon its twin gears. The produce is fed through the tiny gap that occurs between the revolving twin gears and so the pressing and crushing action of the gears releases the juice.

Heat from friction can destroy enzymes in the juice. When air is introduced into the juice oxidation occurs and vitamins and minerals are lost. Because the Kempo produces very little heat and operates at a low speed (160 RPM) the nutrients in the juice are not destroyed and the juice will store for longer without oxidation occurring.

Inside the Kempos twin gears are powerful magnets and bio ceramic materials that are believed to introduce positive ions into the juice which help extract more minerals from the produce you are juicing and stabilise the water in the juice. The manufacturers state that "These additional positive ions add more vitality and longevity to the life of the minerals, reducing oxidation and keeping the freshness of juice longer".

This means that you can make juice for two days and will only need to clean / juice once. The supplied juice jug holds one litre of juice.

In addition to the main pair of gears that come with the juicer, a seperate set of gears are also included that have been designed specifically for juicing wheatgrass. These give excellent results.

The Kempo handles soft fruits better than some other twin gear models that tend to get their juicing chamber clogged when juicing soft fruits such as watermelon and kiwi. This clogging can seriously slow down the juice making process as well as result in less efficient juice extraction. Each twin gear also has 3 small cutting points whose job is to cut the tough stringy fibres of produce and so help prevent the machine jamming that can occur with some other twin gear juicers.

The Kempo is capable of juicing all types of juicing produce including vegetables, wheatgrass, barleygrass, fruit, sprouts, herbs and leafy greens. You can also make nut butters, sorbets and pasta with the Kempo).

The Green Power Kempo juicer comes with an impressive 5 year warranty on it's motor so you should have peace of mind with its build quality.

Our verdict on the Kempo is that it is an excellent value, compact and lightweight twin gear juicer that has a lot of great features for the price.