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Easy Health Manual Juicer

Manual wheatgrass juicer that is excellent value

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The Easy Health Juicer is relatively new to the juicing world and aims to provide a quality juicing process for a low price. The Easy Health is a manual juicer and so there are no electronic switches or motors that will ever need to be replaced / repaired and the hand powered juicing action is environmentally friendly. Another benefit of manual juicers is that they are very quiet in operation.

All good so far and if you like a well ordered kitchen or space is a bit tight then the Easy Health will suit you due to its small size, light weight and ease of assembly / disassembly. The Easy Health attaches to the work surface by way of a suction pad. This suction pad is said to contend with up to 50 KG of force and it seems solid enough. The Suction pad can be activated / deactivated by using a supplied lever which also has the functionality of acting as pusher to push the produce into the juicing chamber. Because there are no cables it means that you can attach the Easy Health to any flat smooth surface you want such as a table outside.

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The Easy health has a single auger which the wheatgrass / leafy greens / sprouts / vegetables are fed onto and this auger is rotated by the user rotating a handle. The auger crushes the produce and this process releases the juice. The low speed of operation (unless your popeye after spinach) means that little heat or oxygen is introduced into the juice. This means that less loss of vitamins and minerals are lost when compared to centrifugal juicers.

This juicer copes admirably with juicing wheatgrass as a wheatgrass shot can be made quite quickly but if you are wanting to produce long fruit juice drinks (especially for more than one person) then you would be better looking at an electric juicer.

The Easy Health does not have a metal screen with holes in as most juicers do and because of this cleaning is very straight forward as the screen is often the hardest part of the juicer to clean. The pulp is ejected through the front cap of the juicer and the juice is collected in the bowl that comes supplied with the juicer.

There are only 3 parts that need cleaning and though these are NOT dishwasher safe it hardly matters due to the ease of cleaning. The parts that need cleaning can be easily cleaned by rinsing in warm soapy water.

The Easy Health is made of Polycarbonate which is very strong and the auger tip and the end cap (which recieve most pressure) are both made from stainless steel.

The Easy Health is a good value, low cost way to enter the world of juicing (especially if you are interested in juicing wheatgrass) but if you are wanting to create large volumes of juice then you should consider purchasing an electric juicer. Because of its small size and light weight (less than 1 KG) the Easy Health is also ideal for taking with you when you are travelling or on holiday.

Those interested in a manual wheatgrass juicer may also want to consider the z star manual juicer which is produced by Tribest who also produce the Green Star range of twin gear juicers. The z star juicer achieved a 'Best wheatgrass Juicer' medal in the Happy Juicer Juicer awards.