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Easy Health Angel Juicer - Stainless Steel Twin Gear

The worlds first 'all stainless steel twin gear juicer' for under £500. Excellent extraction efficiency and juice quality.

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The Easy Health Angel Juicer has design features and components that make it perfectly equipped to deliver juice of the highest quality that is rich in vitamins, minerals and the hugely important live enzymes that cannot be obtained from pasteurised, shop bought juices.

The Angel is efficient at juicing vegetables, wheatgrass, leafy greens, seeds and fruit. The live enzymes produce 'living' juices that help give our bodies an abundance of energy and vitality.

The Angel has some unique selling points including its place as the worlds first all stainless steel twin gear juicer. This has a number of benefits including the Angel’s appearance as they don't come much better looking that this.

The stainless steel twin gears have antibacterial properties.

The Angel is a very efficient juice extractor. The Angel's 2-step pressure screws first apply pressure to crush the produce and then grind the pulp so it is thoroughly 'chewed'. Because the Angel can grind the fibres and pulp to a very fine powdery texture the tough cellulose fibres of vegetables and leafy greens are thoroughly broken down and important nutrients such as calcium are released into the juice.

When juicing for maximum health benefits we want to grind the fibres as thoroughly as possible to ensure that the maximum levels of enzymes and nutrients are released from deep within the fibres. The Angel delivers at this level.

The Angel Juicer disassembled

The Angel exerts a 3 Horsepower force on the produce when grinding it and operates at just 86 RPM. This means that maximum nutrition extraction is achieved without the loss of nutrients and enzymes due to heat / friction.

The Angel is one of the easiest twin gear juicers to use and clean. There are only 4 juicing parts and it does not require any additional attachments or adjustments for the efficient juicing of fruits.

The Angel also removes 95% of pesticides on the surface of Fruit and Vegetables, it does this by binding them to the to waste pulp fibre.

Due to its low operating speed and more than adequately powered motor the Angel is very quiet in operation.

The Angel juicer was formerly known as the Live Enzyme Pro Angelia juicer.