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Dualit Blender

Attractive blender with unique safety features and five speed settings.

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Ease of use9/10
Ease of cleaning9/10
Dimensions (l x w x h)210 x 160 x 370
Weight5 KG
Warranty1 year
Available ColoursGrey
R.P.M.Variable speed with pulse

The Dualit Blender has a 500 watt motor that makes making smoothies and soup a breeze. There are 5 speed settings as well as a pulse button so the user can have control over the required speed of the blades.

The Dualit has a patented, unique safety mechanism that requires both the glass jug and lid to be in place and secure before the blades can start turning ensuring that the operators fingers remain safe. It also means that unwanted kitchen redecorating due to your blended mixture flying out onto the walls due to an is prevented.

The unique safety features of the Dualit make it an ideal blender if your children like making their own smoothies.

The blender comes with a 1.5 litre capacity glass jug as standard which is a generous capacity enabling you to quickly make drinks and soups in bulk. It also has rubber suction feet to help keep it stable whilst in use.

The Dualit Blender comes with a recipe booklet to get you started and make you aware of the many different types of food and drink preparation that the blender can be used for (although making fruit smoothies will always be our favourite use of any blender).