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Breville JE4 Juicer

The Breville Je4 Juicer is a sleek looking, domestic juicer that features attributes of higher priced commercial models.

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The machine employs the centrifugal juicing method and has a whopping 75mm feed chute that is wide enough to allow whole apples, beetroots and carrots to be passed down making juice preparation time incredibly quick.

An integrated generous 1 litre juice jug and 2 litre pulp collection bin enables you to make large batches of juice without having to stop the machine.

The heart of this juicing machine is its mega powerful 1.6 Horsepower, 1200 watt motor which is a good deal more powerful than most other domestic juicers. The motor is housed in die-cast stainless steel which helps keep the operational noise of the JE4 at a lower than expected level.

This juicer has a 2 speed motor that is capable of handling softer fruits on the lower speed and hard fruits and vegetables on the higher speed. The power of the motor makes the JE4 very quick at processing the vegetables and fruit you put through it.

Built in safety mechanisms and locking parts prevent the juicer being operated when it is not correctly assembled and also prevent the motor being overloaded.

The finish is an attractive brushed stainless steel and top marks to Breville for achieving a great modern design that derives its style attributes from the more attractive of the commercial machines available.

Many of the parts are dishwasher safe although although a quick rinse straight after juicing will only take a minute. The centrifugal basket is constructed of durable stainless steel and is easily cleaned with a suitable brush or in the dishwasher.

Extra touches such as the juice jugs integrated froth seperator, integrated handle on the pulp collection bin and integrated power cord storage set this machine a step above the rest in its class. A recipe booklet comes bundled with the JE4 which includes some ideas on using the fruit and vegetable pulp that is seperated by the juicing process.

Please note that although this machine is in the Breville 'Cafe Series' and has commercial style attributes the warranty is for domestic use only, not commercial use.

Love juice but not much time?

The JE4 may be one of the most expensive domestic centrifugal juicers but its high build quality and specification make it an ideal choice for the juicing enthusiast who is short on time and requires rapid juicing.