Kenwood Smoothie Makers

Kenwood have released a range of smoothie makers that are specially designed for creating smoothies rather than the average blender that is designed to perform a number of tasks including mixing, grinding etc. Models include the 500W SB256 and the slightly larger and more powerful 800W SB308.

How is a smoothie maker different from a blender?

The design of the goblet / jug has been adapted to more of a funnel shape which encourages all the fruit produce to be drawn onto the blades. You can see how many drinks your ingredients will produce as the goblet has handy 2 drinks and 4 drinks markers on. The SB256 goblet holds 1.5 litres and the SB308 holds 2.0 litres.

The blades have been designed specially so that they produce a smooth drink. Both the SB256 and the SB308 blades are capable of crushing ice which is a must for any machine that wants to make lots of smoothies. You can also use frozen fruit, ice cream and all the normal fruits and vegetables and liquid bases used in smoothie recipes There are two speed settings which effect the rotation of the blades, the higher one is for making your drinks ultra smooth. There is also a pulse setting for use in short bursts.

There is also a dispenser tap so that the liquid smoothie can be poured out from the tap into a glass without the need to remove the jug / goblet from the base of the smoothie maker. Make sure that the tap is closed before you start making your smoothie or else you can end up with a bit of a mess.

The smoothie makers also come with a 'stirring stick’ that helps to circulate the ingredients more uniformly with the idea that this will create a smoother drink.

The goblet, stirring stick and lid are dishwasher safe but they are very easy to clean by rinsing them under the tap and we would recommend this rather that putting them through the dishwasher. The goblet has been designed to be easy to clean with few recesses for bits of chopped fruit to hide in.

The Kenwood smoothie makers are equipped with rubber feet that help secure the machines to the work surface. The motors are quite loud but this is because they are working at high speeds. The SB256 measures H420 x W200 x D250 and the SB308 measures H500 x W240 x D230. The SB308 has a more solid, reliable feel to it but this is reflected in its higher price tag.

A small smoothie recipe book is included with the smoothie maker's that covers basic smoothie recipes as well as a few alcoholic party smoothies.

The Kenwood Smoothie Makers are a cinch to use and are a great way to get kids into the kitchen and for them to start learning about food preparation (not just how to operate a microwave). They won't break the bank either when compared to some higher priced blenders and juicers. They seem to have been marketed a bit as a gimmicky present but they are a lot more powerful and useful than that. They can help you and your family be healthier and eat more fruit and veg in a tasty, quick and convenient way.