The Detox Diet

Many individuals are touting the virtues of the Detox Diet. With glowing skin, decreasing cellulite, and banishing bloating forever who can resist the diet? Many sensible people throw caution to the wind and follow the Detox Diet after holidays for instant weight loss and a feeling of wellbeing.

Proponents of the Detox Diet claim that our bodies are overloaded with toxins from pollution, cigarettes, pesticides, food additives, alcohol and caffeine. These toxins build up in our system which causes numerous health problems such as weight gain, cellulite, headaches, dull skin, bloating, fatigue, aches and pains and a host of other problems. Advocates of the Detox Diet say it helps to purge those unwanted toxins and helps you to recover from these nagging health problems.

How the Diet Works

There are many different version of the Detox Diet but most restrict food consumption to raw vegetables, fruits, sprouts, beans, nuts, seeds, herbal teas, massive amounts of water and yogurt. You should strictly avoid all meats, fish, alcohol, dairy products, eggs, salt, sugar, processed foods, and stimulants. The prescribed duration for this diet is anywhere from one week to ten days.

In addition to the food restrictions, advocates of the Detox Diet recommend daily saunas, massages and body brushing to help with the detoxification process.

Side Effects

Due to the severe restrictions from the diet and the lack of calories, after a week some people start to feel lethargic. Headaches, tiredness, and irritability are also common side effects due to caffeine withdrawal.

Since one of the causes of lethargy is constipation, more dieters are looking to colonic irrigation and laxatives for relief. The theory is that the slow passage of waste material in the colon allows for resorption of toxic chemicals. However, researchers believe that by adding fiber to your diet can help clear out the contents of the colon thus improving your health.


Herbal supplements such as milk thistle can be used as a detoxification aid. Milk thistle contains an antioxidant called silymarin which helps in liver regeneration and helps to promote its detoxification functions.

Other detox supplements are probiotics which is found in yogurt. Probiotics provides bacteria for the gut to help promote a healthy immune system.

Many experts believe the benefit of healthy skin is a result of the increased amount of water intake along with fruits and vegetables. The water is hydrating the skin while obtaining the necessary vitamins from the fruits and vegetables.

The Detox Diet does encourage eating fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and cutting down on processed foods, caffeine and alcohol. The only problem is how restricting this diet is. Weight loss can certainly be achieved when restricting caloric intake. But most of the weight loss attributed to this diet is from water weight and is easily regained once the diet is terminated. Many researchers feel that following such a strict diet also leads to increased cravings of your favorite foods.


Any restrictive diet can help you to lose weight. Most of the weight however, is water weight. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking water can certainly be healthy for you. If you wish to follow this diet, find one that is the least restrictive.

For most people, eating a well balanced diet and getting regular exercise is the most effective and healthy way to lose weight.

Please consult your doctor or health professional before changing your diet.